Preview image for the NHS Creative 'Parents as Heroes' campaign created for NHS Portsmouth Preview image for the Nepalese Choose Well booklet created for NHS Hampshire

How to keep your child smiling

How do you target children under five with the objective of promoting the benefits of brushing their teeth? By creating engaging characters with bold illustrations to deliver a simple message. In this campaign for Oxfordshire County Council we produced activity sheets, flyers, shelf wobblers and posters which were placed in pharmacies across the county.



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Preview image for the Hampshire 'Drink Less' campaign.

Love or hate them, emojis are here to stay!

17/07/2018 by Mikaela Price

And today, 17 July 2018 is @WorldEmojiDay – the fifth annual global celebration of emojis! Since they started...

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Farewell to our fax machine

16/07/2018 by Steve Hubbard

A very big prize in a world of miniatures

The offices of NHS Creative has received its last fax. That familiar ‘BEEP!’ after the scrolling of the paper...