Preview image for the Quit4life website created by NHS Creative for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. Preview image for the NHS Creative 'Captain Chlamydia' campaign created for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Does Ed really need the E.D?

That's the question we're posing in a series of short films on the subject of promoting alternative options to visiting the Emergency Department for NHS South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Ed features in separate films on Self Care at Home, Pharmacy, NHS 111, Minor Injuries Unit and Managing your Child's Health. View the YouTube channel here.



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Preview image for the 'Passion for Nursing' website created by NHS Creative for Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
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Red card brandished in shopping centre

2nd August, 2017 by Steve Hubbard

A very big prize in a world of miniatures

It wasn’t shown for anti-social behaviour or for a professional foul. Instead it was a large graphic device designed by NHS Creative...

One of the more interesting and challenging briefs I’ve had at NHS Creative...