Preview image for the Choose well game created by NHS Creative Preview image for the NHS Creative 'Captain Chlamydia' campaign created for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Love Life! sexual health website

This Love Life! brand has been developed for the sexual health team at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and was launched at the annual Swindon Pride event. As well as T-shirts, pull-up displays and other promotional items, the cornerstone of the new brand is their new microsite. Have a look at the site for yourself. You can also read more about the project in our blog.



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Preview image for the 'Passion for Nursing' website created by NHS Creative for Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Love or hate them, emojis are here to stay!

17/07/2018 by Mikaela Price

And today, 17 July 2018 is @WorldEmojiDay – the fifth annual global celebration of emojis! Since they started...

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Farewell to our fax machine

16/07/2018 by Steve Hubbard

A very big prize in a world of miniatures

The offices of NHS Creative has received its last fax. That familiar ‘BEEP!’ after the scrolling of the paper...