Curtain call for theatre staff

Recruitment ad Royal Berkshire theatres nurse

The role of an operating department practitioner is of central importance to a busy theatre environment, but does not have a high profile in comparison to that of doctors and nurses.
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Thames Valley University, has traditionally struggled to recruit suitable applicants to their intensive two year ODP training programme.
To address this problem, we developed a recruitment microsite that included case studies with three ODP’s, which showed how their lives had progressed since enrolling on the course. Advertising for the role focused on how the course was open to all walks of life, and challenged potential applicants to consider where they could be in 2012.
The site received over 300 visits in four weeks of promotion from a limited advertising budget.  A total of 14 staff were shortlisted and all places on the course were filled. “I have never seen such a glut of theatre staff, it’s wonderful!” said Deborah Upson, Operations Manager, Theatres & Anaesthetics.

Recruitment ad Theatre Nurse

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