NHS Health Check campaign takes the Chequered Flag

The NHS Health Check is a national screening programme for all eligible people aged 40-74.


It’s an initiative to support people to manage their health by assessing their risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes (type 2) and kidney disease. The check is free, only takes 20-30 minutes, and is usually carried out at GP surgeries or participating pharmacies.


Sounds great so far. Except that in certain parts of the country, uptake is well below the 50% target. And in Portsmouth last year it was only 11%.


That’s why we were asked to plan a short term marketing campaign to raise awareness of the checks across the city. With a well-tested and brightly coloured brand identity already in place, we set about utilising a wide range of media channels. This included local radio, newspapers and outdoor advertising.



On a bus shelter in Portsmouth

We also ran ads on Facebook and on the TV screens in the waiting areas of GP surgeries.


The campaign began in July 2012, and since that time, Portsmouth has seen a rise to 32% in people attending their NHS Health Check. Interim Director of Public Health for NHS Portsmouth, Dr Andrew Mortimore, said:


“We are pleased with the amount of people coming for their NHS Health Check so far. A 32% uptake is a fantastic achievement for three month’s of work, so we are on track to achieve 50% uptake, if not more, by March 2013.”


Back on track and heading for the chequered flag, the success of the advertising campaign has secured the immediate future of the screening programme in Portsmouth, which means that many more people across the city can enjoy the benefits of the free check.


It goes to show how a well targeted marketing campaign can deliver tangible outcomes to the health of a local population.
To find out more about NHS Health Checks in Portsmouth, visit: www.pompeyhealthchecks.com

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