Our pledge for NHS Change Day…

We will put the end user at the heart of everything we do.


As you may have noticed, there’s an unprecedented amount of change in the NHS at the moment. The end of the financial year is nigh, PCT’s are winding down, CCG’s are setting up, and with all these distractions, its easy to forget that somewhere along the line there’s meant to be patients and a public to communicate with.


That’s why we find the NHS Change Day initiative so refreshing. This isn’t change of the organisational variety – the sort that needs to be ‘managed’. This is change initiated on a voluntary basis by individual NHS employees, for the sake of doing something that little bit better.


Just think of the collective muscle of NHS staff making over 130,000 pledges to do something better in their everyday working lives that helps to improve the NHS.


And that’s why we made our pledge to always keep our focus on the end user in everything that we produce. Any effective piece of communications material must be addressed to its intended target audience in a way that’s simple, appropriate and easy to understand.


That means avoiding the mire of NHS bureaucratic language and senseless acronyms. If we can negotiate the pitfalls together, then we’ll have done our job well, and hopefully helped you to do yours well, as well!


So our little chameleon fella is all in favour of making a change for the better. What are you going to pledge to improve the NHS? Find out more about NHS Change Day here

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