Vote the Creative Party – the party of change



As we approach the General Election, the main political parties may appear to be in deadlock, but a new candidate has emerged to ruffle a few feathers and offer a refreshing take on the biggest issues of the day.


Representing the constituency of New Forest East, Colin the Chameleon today launches his election manifesto with a series of carefully considered policies to address the main concerns of the electorate. Here’s a summary of his key pledges:



  • Controls on the immigration of all natural predators to the chameleon
  • Free flies to all school-age chameleons
  • To introduce a new ‘reptile licence’ to restrict illegal animal trading
  • A ban on zero-hour contracts for all part-time workers at pet stores
  • A mansion tax on chameleon enclosures over three foot in length
  • An increase in foreign aid to Madagascar


And whilst political parties across the spectrum fall over themselves to pledge their support for the NHS, we are already immersed in it every day of our working lives.


Yes – we think the NHS needs significant financial backing to address the myriad of challenges it’s now facing. But providing finance alone is not enough – what’s needed more than ever is the collective spirit and expertise of everyone working not only within the NHS, but also as specialist partner agencies, dedicated suppliers, subject matter experts and support networks, all contributing to make the NHS more than the sum of its parts, and helping it to be the best that it can be.


So on 07 May 2015, we urge you to take a long hard look at the other alternative out there, and: ‘Vote Creative – for a change’. 

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