Blossoming mural transforms hospital corridor

Good design in the NHS isn’t just about how a service or Trust promotes itself to its local population or commissioners.


It’s also about creating a more attractive, therapeutic environment for your patients. In the words of Winston Churchill: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.”


And that’s what we’ve helped to do with this link corridor at the entrance to the Diagnosis and Treatment Centre at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.


Previously a dark and uninspiring walkway set in the bowels of the hospital complex, our bright and cheerful design helps to breath new life into the space.


“What a transformation!” said Michael Day, Head of Staff Engagement at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. “It was terrific to see the smiles on patients’ faces being wheeled through whilst I was there. Thank you to all at NHS Creative for helping to make this happen.”


“The project was an amazing challenge and a steep learning curve,” said Sarah West, Ward Manager’s Assistant at the Diagnosis and Treatment Centre. “It’s amazing how a little imagination goes a long way. We hope all our patients enjoy the change. A massive thank you to NHS Creative for all their work on this.”






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