Opening doors across the web

A theme seems to have developed across our microsite construction projects over the past few months…

The internet has an important role to play in giving easy access to information and services. And we’ve noticed how our four most recent web assignments, all for different clients, covering different subject matters, encapsulate this in a variety of ways:


1) Hope House – developed for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust 


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 23.08.22


Completed by NHS Creative in February 2016, Hope House is a website for sexual health services across Gloucestershire. Visiting a sexual health clinic can feel awkward and embarrassing, and this site aims to help local residents to know what to expect, and to access some services – such as requesting a ‘home test’ chlamydia kit – online.


Our brief was to deliver a style that was welcoming and inclusive to all sections of the local community – not just to young people. We helped to deliver an extensive consultation exercise across the county, and this has become the new brand for sexual health in Gloucestershire.


2) The Accessible Information Standard – developed for NHS Brent CCG


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The Accessible Information Standard comes into force on 31 July 2016, and requires all NHS providers to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access information about their services – with particular relevance to people with varying levels of blindness, deafness or learning disabilities.


This microsite was produced for NHS Brent CCG, but funded by NHS England and completed in March 2016. It contains an excellent short film demonstrating the unique challenges that some people face when accessing essential NHS services. It also incorporates a training section that allows members of staff to test their knowledge of the Accessible Information Standard and what it means to their specific area of work. Initially aimed at local health providers across the Greater London region, it’s receiving nation-wide interest as the clock ticks down to the implementation date.


3) Doorway to Dorset – developed for NHS Dorset CCG


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 23.13.44


As the challenges facing primary care deepens, the recruitment of GPs is one of the biggest barriers to service continuity. Each GP surgery is its own independent business, and so rarely possesses the budget or scope to conduct large scale recruitment campaigns. In many cases, the surgery is not even allowed to post their vacancy on NHS Jobs. And yet, this is one of the most difficult areas to recruit to across the NHS.


In an attempt to tackle this challenge, NHS Dorset CCG commissioned us to set up a county-wide central recruitment hub, and that’s where ‘Doorway to Dorset’ was born. The site showcases what it’s like to live and work in primary care across Dorset, and vacancies are uploaded to the site by the HR team at NHS Dorset CCG, on behalf of the GP surgeries who are recruiting. Meanwhile, we promote the site across specialist GP job forums. The site went live in April 2016 and has received extremely positive reviews, with two GPs already being recruited as a direct result of the site.


4) The Wellbeing Collective – company site


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 23.15.19


The Wellbeing Collective is a group of consultants to the NHS and wider public sector who “facilitate positive change in people, services and across systems”. They required a simple but eye-catching site to encapsulate their brand values and to act as their shopwindow. This we duly delivered, with the site going live in May 2016.


As you’ll see from these examples, our microsites offer a creative space in which to express key messages in an engaging way. They’re free from the rigid content management systems that so often stifle more corporate organisation-wide websites.


Our sites use responsive design, so they work equally well across mobile and tablet platforms, and they can incorporate a wide range of media, as well as an element of content management depending on the requirement. We can handle the domain and hosting for you, and supply monthly Google Analytics reports.

Costs begin at £2,000.00 subject to brief.

So why not contact us to find out what doors we can open for you? 

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