To us, creativity is second nature.

NHS Creative has been providing specialist design and marketing services for over 25 years and we’re here to stay. As a professionally accredited advertising agency, our service is unique within the NHS and we have all the in-house specialist skills you need to develop highly tailored activity to fulfil your communication needs.

Our team includes multi-skilled designers, illustrators, artworkers and account handlers, working on a not-for-profit basis to deliver creative and cost-effective marketing solutions.

A fresh perspective

Are you grappling with a particular healthcare related marketing challenge? You may feel the issue that you face is unique to you, but as we work with over 90 NHS organisations across the UK, the chances are we’ll have tackled it before.


A problem shared is a problem halved, and we’ll use our expertise to lighten the load and bring a fresh perspective.


And as NHS employees ourselves, our motivation is different to that of a commercial agency. We are committed to improving the way that the public sector communicates, and any profit we generate as a by-product is returned to the NHS, via our host organisation Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

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Our services

Graphic Design

Our design team boasts a broad array of talent – our natural enthusiasm means we go the extra mile to deliver an end product that will reach your target audience in a clear, creative and concise way.

Recruitment Marketing

As the only NHS service to be accredited by the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA), we can ensure your job vacancies are seen by the right people – be that via job boards, social media, niche print titles or outdoor advertising.

Web development

We’ll review and develop your online presence to ensure you have a site that’s responsive, engaging, attractive, easy to use and easy to find – as well as being easy for you to update.

Social Marketing

Developing awareness campaigns that target particular socio-demographic groups to influence and challenge the way people think or act, with the ultimate goal to change unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

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