Chris from Tenterden

Be Skin Smart campaign ‘very likely’ saved my life

Good design on healthcare social marketing campaigns can save lives…and here’s the proof:


Chris, 78, saw a Be Skin Smart poster in a cafe in Tenterden last summer and now feels the information ‘very likely’ saved his life.


After seeing the poster, he picked up one of the Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance’s #BeSkinSmart mole identification postcards, which encourage people to check their skin regularly for new moles or changes to existing ones.


Chris ticked all five of the ABCDE signs for one of his moles, so he followed the advice and made an appointment to see his GP.


He saw his GP in September, had surgery in October to remove the mole for analysis, and was told in November that it was grade 3c melanoma.


Chris said: “Acting swiftly on the advice card has very likely saved my life. Always remember that doctors will much prefer to see patients with suspicious moles that turn out to be harmless.”


Up to 90 per cent of skin cancers are preventable by adopting simple sun-safe strategies. That was one of the key messages in the campaign graphics that we produced for Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance:Be Skin Smart campaign

And Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance plan to continue to spread the important message by packing their hats, cover-ups and sun cream, and attending a range of seaside and outdoor events this summer, with our range of campaign material and, of course, their giant deckchair.


Find out more about this campaign here: Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance Be Skin Smart campaign

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