Long Covid Service Workshop films

Launching series of Long COVID films

NHS Creative is proud to have developed a series of 26 short films for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long COVID Service, to help those with breathing difficulties and fatigue following a COVID-19 infection to better understand and manage their symptoms.

The project features a combination of presentations to camera, animated graphics, demonstrations of breathing techniques, and a BSL interpreter.


Steve Hubbard, Advertising and Marketing Manager from NHS Creative said:

“At times the 26 films felt like their own form of marathon, and we’ve certainly learnt a few breathing techniques along the way! But it was also a labour of love and we hope they provide a useful resource to people who are still suffering after the pandemic.”

Most people with COVID-19 feel better within a few days or weeks of their first symptoms and make a full recovery within 12 weeks. But for some people, symptoms can last longer. This is called Long COVID or post COVID-19 syndrome.


Are you a nose breather? Do you struggle with shortness of breath after exertion? The first set of films will help people to understand more about normal breathing and to learn techniques that can reduce the symptoms of breathlessness.


Do you experience extreme tiredness or brain fog? The second set of films are to help people living with fatigue. Learning to relax and rest properly is a skill that takes time and practise. Topics include the importance of energy management through planning and pacing of daily activities, eating and drinking, and improving sleep quality.


Karen West from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long COVID Service said:

“The principles of fatigue management are quite simple, but putting them into practice can be challenging and, in our experience, people need to learn how to allow their bodies to take rest when then they need it.”


“Although these films were designed for patients experiencing Long COVID, the self-management techniques described are also useful for anyone experiencing symptoms of fatigue, or who has been diagnosed with a breathing pattern disorder such as asthma or COPD.”


Emma Major from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long COVID Service said: 

“There are more than 200 symptoms associated with Long COVID, which may include respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological and dermatological issues. People also report mental health issues; predominately depression and anxiety.


“Everyone’s experience of Long COVID will be different but fatigue, breathlessness and problems with memory, concentration and other mental functions are very common.”

Introduction to the Breathing Patterns films

Introduction to the Fatigue Support films

The full series of films can be found at: LongCovidHIOW.org.uk

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