Job vacancy: Graphic Designer

watercolor paints in box isolated on whiteWhat does creativity mean to you?



When you come across brand guidelines, do you see it as restrictive…or as a challenge to embrace? Do you see a brick wall or a blank canvas?


The NHS is facing a whole new world of communication challenges meaning the workload is large and varied: from targeting hard to reach communities to service-user engagement campaigns, and from recruiting shortage staffing groups, to competing for tenders against the private sector and rival trusts. NHS Creative exists to deliver innovative and creative marketing-based solutions.


As a PPA accredited marketing and design agency, we work with over 100 NHS, healthcare, and public sector organisations across the UK, with a turnover of nearly £3 million per annum. We are completely self-funded and reliant on generated income to meet overheads, and so consequently, the service is more business focused than other NHS services. This means your role will combine all the elements of a fast-moving agency environment with the benefits of public sector employment.


We’re looking for someone with an expertise in design for both print and digital communications. This will require a graphic design qualification or similar proven experience, with expertise across the full Adobe suite. Experience with HTML/CSS coding, JavaScript and PHP are desirable, but not essential. You’ll also be familiar with the potential issues around AIS compliance and browser compatibility.


So, do you see a blank canvass…or a brick wall? Let’s hope life in the public sector won’t leave you feeling too much like this…


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For an informal discussion, please contact Danny King, Head of NHS Creative on 023 8029 1074.

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