Copywriting Class: How to write a recruitment ad

copywriting class, chalk board

You’ve a pen at the ready and a blank piece of paper staring you in the face. But what are you going to say in your ad? Just how are you going to convince your ideal candidate this is the job for them?

There is no secret to good writing. At its most basic your aim should be to communicate in the most clear and concise way. To achieve this you need to write in plain English, and in a way your audience will understand. When writing a recruitment ad, you also need to employ subtle sales techniques. Just giving the reader the job basics may not be enough for them to want to apply. You need to consider the job’s main selling points and think about what would make your ideal candidate apply. You also want the reader to see your vacancy before others and to hold their attention long enough in the opening paragraph for them to read on.
This is where AIDA comes in. AIDA is an essential marketing tool that underpins every ad we produce. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


This is the part of the ad that grabs the reader’s attention. It may be the border style, the graphics or headline. The use of colour and positioning on the page can also be factors. Any one of these devices will help to make your ad stand out.


You’ve caught the reader’s eye, now you need to generate interest. Appeal to the reader’s self-interest by telling the applicant how they will benefit from the job. Think about the job’s USP (unique selling point) and what would make your ideal candidate apply for the job. It may be the job offers more money, better hours, excellent training or the opportunity to join a team-spirited environment.


You’ve hooked the reader and now they want to find out more. Talk in general terms about the service you provide and the difference that a successful applicant could make. Use the USP to convince applicants this is the job for them. How will this opportunity improve their life for the better? Advertising space is expensive, so don’t be too specific about the details involved and avoid bullet-points as you are not writing a job description.


The ad has performed its function and the reader wants to apply. Make this as simple as possible. A smooth and effective application process says a lot about your organisation and first impressions count.
As part of our fully inclusive recruitment marketing service, copywriting and editing is available on all ads. Contact us to find out more.

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